- Centre Val de Loire .....https://www.valdeloire-france.com//

- 18. Cher .....http://www.berryprovince.com/
- 28. Eure et Loir .....http://www.tourisme28.com/
- 36. Indre.....http://www.ot-valdelindre.com/ & http://www.berryprovince.com/
- 37. Indre et Loire .....http://www.amboise-valdeloire.com/
- 41. Loir et Cher .....
- 45. Loiret .....https://www.tourismeloiret.com/

- Moving to France .....http://www.kiechle.com/france/index.htm

The region CENTRE situated at the centre of France, but still one-hour driving from Paris, you will certainly enjoy visiting this famous region, that is surprisingly not so well-known.
Visit the countless castles and parks, the ancient villages of the Gatinais area, the Perche Regional Park, and above all, do not leave without testing its famous gastronomy.
Go to the Sologne, where nature is beautifully preserved, with lakes, marshes, secret forests. This is a paradise for nature lovers, with a really particular - even quite mysterious - atmosphere.


18 Cher, 28 Eure-et-Loir, 36 Indre, 37 Indre-et-Loire, 41 Loir-et-Cher, 45 Loiret