- C.R.T. Champagne Ardennes ....http://www.tourisme-champagne-ardenne.com/

- 08. Ardennes ....http://www.ardennes.com/
- 10. Aube ....http://www.aube-champagne.com/
- 51. Marne ....http://www.tourisme-en-champagne.com/

- 52. Haute Marne. Pays de Langres ....http://www.tourisme-langres.com/

- Moving to France ....http://www.kiechle.com/france/index.htm

The Champagne... this so famous and prestigious wine is the soul of this region. You can visit the big caves in a small tourist train. Discover the town of Reims, and its historical past, architecture and artistic beauties.
The Ardennes: explore the beautiful steep-sided valleys of the Argonne, or walk in the region of ponds and orchards called the Rethelois: you will discover there lovely villages with half-timbered houses built all around the village church.


08 Ardennes, 10 Aube, 51 Marne, 52 Haute-Marne