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14 Calvados, 27 Eure, 50 Manche, 61 Orne, 76 Seine-Maritime

The Normandy, you will be amazed by the diversity of the long sandy beaches, the high jagged white cliffs, the fishermen villages with lovely streets, the seaside resorts, the typical bridges used for fishing, and the perfumed orchards.
The Mont Saint Michel, one of the greatest monument in Europe, the exceptional town of art, Rouen, the strong tides, the art of fishing, the bocages, the Seine meanders, the beautiful brick and wood-made farms.
Going out into the country, you will discover plenty of manors, the Norman Roman art, beautifully sculpted monuments, fortresses, keeps.
You will sample seafood, savour cider - Normans will tell you that it is far better than Brittany's, but Bretons will tell you the opposite, so make up your mind yourself!